The energy of the future is already here

There is something genuinely human about moving, travelling and meeting. But fossil diesel and gasoline cannot drive future travel and transport. Instead, more people have to rethink and refuel differently. At FordonsGas believe many people want this as well, as long as it’s not too complicated and too expensive. That’s why we regard it as our mission – to make it easier to travel in a renewable way. Today, we operate more than 40 gas stations throughout Western Sweden. And it’s just the beginning!

Drive far on renewable energy – up to 40 percent reduction in taxable benefits.

For those of us driving a company car, gas energy is as economical as it is ecological. While contributing to better air and less climate impact, you get up to a 40 percent reduction in taxable benefits and a 10,000 SEK bonus. And do you know what? Today’s gas cars are better than ever.

Do you want to reach climate goals while lowering your total costs?

Future-proofing your business – focus on circular mobility.

Are you responsible for your organization’s fleet? Do you want to reach climate goals while lowering your total costs? Then we have the solution for you.

Refuel smarter with the FordonsGas card.

As a card customer, you get a 35 öre discount for every kilo of gas you fill up. To order the card only takes two minutes and it will arrive in your mailbox within a few days.

"... up to 100 percent lower CO2 emissions"