The Ultimate Energy For Circular Mobility

The mobility of the future is circular. Therefore, FordonsGas has invested in expansive growth to become the leading energy company in sustainable mobility. FordonsGas is part of the Air Liquide Group and today through our growing network of more than 40 energy stations, we want to increase both the share of biogas-driven travel and transport – so that the air in our cities becomes cleaner, global warming is counteracted and customers see the economic benefits too.

Gas energy is the future!

The FordonsGas business idea is simple: we operate and develop gas stations. Or gas energy stations, as we usually say. As you know, energy cannot be lost – it is only transformed. The same is true for the biogas. By transforming the energy from food waste and other residues, we can create a powerful propellant that is locally produced, long-term sustainable and does good throughout its life cycle. The more people choose gas energy for their travels and transports, the less CO2 emissions and better air quality – plus more green jobs and better economies. That is why we say that gas is the circular energy of the future. And that’s why we work so hard to offer it as a fuel in our energy stations.

FordonsGas Sverige AB was established in 1998 and has been part of the Air Liquide Group since December 1, 2014. Today, we offer West Sweden’s most comprehensive gas network, with over 40 energy stations for compressed gas, three stations for liquefied gas, and many bus depots for public transport. And more are on the way! We are constantly expanding and in the coming years, we hope to grow with even more stations.

Together towards circular mobility

In addition to running and developing gas energy stations, we also help our customers – from private cars and company car drivers to municipalities and businesses – to opt for  locally produced biogas and switch to circular mobility. Because it’s together that we can make a difference.

With over 20 years of experience, we can offer advice on your transfer from fossil fuel to sustainable alternatives, count on total costs and help you achieve your environmental goals. We work close to the industry’s suppliers, influence policy decisions and monitor what gas vehicles are on the market right now.

Do you want to know more? Contact an expert on future energy!

How we work with our own sustainability goals

At FordonsGas we constantly work to practise what we preach and work actively to reduce our own environmental impact. As part of this we are environmental supporters. This means, among other things, that we calculate carbon emissions on our own transport, recycling all office waste, as well as implementing measures to reduce energy consumption in the business.

Do you have tips on what more we can do? Contact our environmental coordinator Maria Hjortstam Möller.

More stations across Europe

FordonsGas also participates in GREAT, an EU project where the private and public sectors  work together to reduce carbon emissions from road transport. In order to offer a more reliable infrastructure for green fuels and sustainable transport, GREAT has built, for example, 70 quick chargers and three C-LNG service stations between Hamburg and Oslo / Stockholm. The project has increased awareness and the use of more sustainable fuels. Good, right?!