Reduce your emissions and win the contracts

More people choosing public transport is important for the environment in our cities. If the buses run on biogas it’s even better. Then the emission of hazardous particles are reduced considerably – not to mention the benefit to the climate. Buses and other forms of public transport are an important part of our future mobility. 

More people must start taking the bus, and more buses must be powered by gas energy, for the sake of the climate – and the air! Therefore, gas is the energy of the future.

Future-proofing your business.

Taxes, environmental fees and missed contracts. Not to mention a climate disaster. Who wouldn’t want to switch to gas energy?

Don’t be left with an old fleet of vehicles.

The value of vehicles running on fossil-fuel can be difficult to calculate. Start switching to modern fuels in time to maintain the value of your fleet.

Reduce emissions.

A gas-powered fleet reduces your emissions of CO2 as well as hazardous particles. Change to the energy of the future and meet both your own sustainability goals and the planet’s environmental requirements.