Keep driving when fossil-fuel powered vehicles are stopped

Environmental zones in city centres, stricter requirements and sustainability goals, mean the rules of the game are changing. Switch to sustainable mobility and future-proof your business with cars powered by gas energy. So that you can keep driving customers all the way to their destination, pick them up in environmental zones and become the taxi company many want a long-term deal with. Change to the energy of the future!

Fulfill the requirements, win the contract.

With gas-powered cars, you reduce your emissions of CO2 and hazardous particles. Comply with environmental requirements and become the company everyone wants to sign an agreement with.

Access all areas.

Diesel cars will soon disappear from inner city streets. Running on renewable gas energy, you can drive the customer all the way to their destination, pick up at airports and in environmental zones.

Reduce emissions and total costs.

With the new Swedish bonus-malus system, diesel cars become an expensive alternative. Gas cars can go long distances on each full tank, are easy to refuel and can lower your total cost.