Drive just like before – with the energy of the future in your tank

Driving on gas energy is like driving on diesel, but far better for the air and the climate. Gas energy is available in both compressed and liquid form and major vehicle manufacturers like Volvo and Scania have realized that it is the energy of the future. Maybe you too?

Drive like before! On up to 100% renewable energy.

With biogas produced locally, both you and the environment benefit, but also all of Sweden. And without having to change how you drive!

For environmental trucks gas energy is the only smart alternative

Biogas is the energy of the future – and Volvo Trucks, Scania and Iveco know it. Each of them had a gas vehicle awarded the Sustainable Truck of the Year 2018. Proving that gas-powered vehicles only get better. The technology is mature, the quality is high and the network of gas energy stations is better than ever.