Fill up with the energy of the future, today


Keep driving. On 100% renewable energy.

Gas-powered vehicles are nothing new. And that’s good. The technology has been refined and today’s gas vehicles offer both power and driving pleasure. Have you taken a taxi lately? Then you might have travelled in gas car without even thinking about it. And that’s OK because there’s no difference. Today, there are powerful gas vehicles in all vehicle types and price ranges – from premium company cars and city distribution vehicles to trucks for long distance driving.

4000 filling stations throughout Europe. And more to come.

Gas energy stations are increasing. And the more people choose a gas car, the better the network becomes. Today, there are almost 4000 gas stations (CNG) in Europe. And here in Western Sweden we offer about 40 FordonsGas energy stations. (With the FordonsGas card you also get a discount for every kilo of gas you put in).

Filling up with gas energy is easy.

Filling up with gas energy differs slightly from other fuels. But it is no more complicated than that the pump has a valve that you turn on the handle. With this, you lock the valve before loading. Like turning a door handle. When you fill up it makes a sound and whistles, which is all in order.