Become a card customer and get a discount when you fill up with locally-produced gas energy

Fill up smarter with the FordonsGas Card – and do both the environment and yourself a favour. To order the card only takes two minutes and you will get it in the mailbox within a few days. Then you just start filling up as usual. It can’t be any easier!

35 öre discount per kilo of gas energy

Discount on everything you fill up – at over 40 stations in western Sweden.

As a customer at FordonsGas, you always fill up with a discount. You save 35 öre / kilo of gas energy when you pay with your FordonsGas Card at one of our 40 gas stations. You can also use the card to pay at any of the 17 stations where our card is accepted.

Faster payment.
And better overview.

With a FordonsGas Card, it’s faster than using regular bank and credit cards. In addition, monthly invoicing gives you a good overview of your energy costs. You choose how to pay – by invoice, e-invoice or autogiro. (And if you need more cards, you can of course get a combined invoice instead.)

Fill up with locally-produced energy – with a clear conscience.

We support local biogas production and a circular economy. Therefore, you can be sure that our gas energy always contains at least 60 percent biogas. If you want to drive on 100 percent renewable energy, you can become a biogas customer – then you can fill up with 100 percent biogas straight away. All you have to do is check that you want to become a biogas customer when applying for the card, and we will solve the rest.