What does it cost to fill up with gas?

Driving on gas is cool for both the wallet and the environment. The cost per mile is about 20 percent lower than gasoline and diesel. With the new bonus-malus rules, you will also receive several other financial benefits, such as a bonus of SEK 10,000 upon purchase and up to 40 percent reduction in taxable benefits for you as a car driver.

18,75 kr/kilo

(12,50 kr/litre compared with gasoline)

Filling up with gas is cheaper than gasoline

FordonsGas contains more energy than gasoline and is measured in kilograms instead of in litres. One kilogram of FordonsGas (CNG) equals about 1.5 litres of gasoline. Therefore, in order to calculate the comparative price, you need to divide the gas price by 1.5.


17,69 kr/kilo

11,79 kr/litre compared with diesel)

Liquid gas – a competitive alternative for heavy vehicles

Liquid FordonsGas, LNG / BiGreen, is measured in kilograms as well. One kilogram of LNG corresponds to approximately 1.38 litres of diesel. Therefore, in order to calculate the comparative price, you need to divide the gas price by 1.38.


What determines the price?

The gas price follows the energy market’s pricing and is determined by a number of factors, including the purchase price from our local producers. An important factor for the price is whether the gas you fill up is natural gas or biogas. The natural gas is fossil and distributed through the existing gas network, while the biogas is renewable and produced locally. If you find a “dream price” elsewhere, it’s almost always natural gas without, or with only a small percentage of imported, biogas.

When you fill up with FordonsGas, you can be sure that:

  •      It is at least 60 percent locally produced biogas
  •      It promotes local producers and contributes to more green jobs in the region
  •      it helps maintain the local gas network and secure the gas infrastructure

If you have any questions about the gas price or our pricing, you are welcome to contact customer support at kundsupport@fordonsgas.se.